Sandia Sniper Carpet Extractor

The Sandia Sniper Carpet Cleaner is a superior performer and one of the most dependable box style carpet extractors.


The Sandia Sniper carpet steam cleaner is a dependable box style carpet extractor. Supplying high heat along with high suction makes this machine a great buy. Innovative air intakes use the vacuum’s own cooling fan to pull cool outside air over the vacuum motors. This innovation reduces motor temperatures by up to 18 percent. The heated air pressurizes the motor cavity forcing the hot air to be expelled through the six slotted vents.

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  • 12 gallon solution tank / 12 gallon recovery tank
  • 350 PSI
  • 150″ water lift
  • Dual 2-stage vacuums
  • High Performance Motors Stay Cool with Innovative Design