Mytee Lite Upholstery Car Detailing Extractor

Pictured here is the older Mytee Lite model…we do have the new 8070’s as well.
Price: $1,295.00

Are you looking for an upholstery spotting machine that can do the job of a full-size carpet extractor, but is small and lightweight enough to hold in one hand? Meet the NEW Mytee Lite™ 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor, our best-selling upholstery machine and the first in the industry to include an on-board heater for maximum cleaning power. At four gallons, it’s perfect for both upholstery spotting and small detailing jobs. The Mytee Lite™ packs performance and versatility into one compact and efficient machine.

The Mytee Lite™ features:

1,000-watt in-line heater which produces hot water to quickly break up grease and dirt
New and improved single 3-stage HP motor
4-gallon capacity tanks
Faucet fill hose for easy fill solution tank
Recovery tank drain hose
Compact size and easy-push handle for easy transportation and storage