Hydramaster Drimaster *NEW*

New Price: $3,795.00

Hydramaster’s model rotary Drimaster Extractor incorporates their patented DriMaster Jetless Cleaning Technology. The advances of the DriMaster technology include extremely fast drying after cleaning. The RDM leaves carpet dramatically drier than typical wand cleaning.

Additional advantages of the RDM include less loss of heat than with traditional spray jets. The easy-to-use Rotary Drimaster weighs only 50 pounds and has an ultra-low profile to easily clean under and around furniture. The tool has been designed for optimal use in residential cleaning and olefin cleaning, where controlled moisture is required.

The Rotary Drimaster Extractor works effectively with all types of extraction machines, portables or truck mounts, making it as versatile as it is easy and effective to use.