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Tomcat Edge Floor Machine for Sale

Tomcat Edge Floor Machine


Cleans grout, sands floors, strips VCT tile dry (no water, no soap, no stripper).

What is Tomcat EDGE® Surface Preparation Technology?
Tomcat EDGE® Technology is a new type of floor scrubbing that has only come just recently. Floor Scrubbers have been using the same technology for almost 50 years. Finally though, a change has come about with Tomcat EDGE®!

Tomcat EDGE® Oscillating Scrubbers provide outstanding quality and durability to last years and years. Whether you are scrubbing/stripping and refinishing a gym floor, VCT, Stone, Wood, or any other floor maintenance task from daily cleaning to restoration work, Tomcat makes the right Commercial Floor Stripping and Floor Scrubbing Equipment for you.

Major Advantages to using Tomcat EDGE®:

  • Significant reduction of Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Facilities can earn LEEDS credits
  • Chemical Free Floor Stripping – Plus 70% less Water Usage!
  • Dual Motor speed to switch between Maintenance Scrubbing and Stripping modes
  • Give your Floor Prep Crews productivity a boost with EDGE®!
  • Tomcat EDGE® Series of surface preparation machines gives operators the ability to Chemically Free Strip Floors. As we all push for new ways to increase our protection of the environment and operator, this new approach to floor preparation can help achieve increased productivity and a safer environment.

The Tomcat EDGE® Series can work with a variety of quality pads, eliminating up to 95% of the chemical stripping required. All models are easy to use and maintain. New operators can be trained in a matter of minutes, unlike the “expertise” that is often learned the hard way with traditional rotary machines. Get better and more consistent results, and eliminate those large swirl marks.